I know I did this not that long ago, but I am at it again…I’ve upgraded the blog…AGAIN! Head on over to the new address and bookmark it!


To say that my business depends on word of mouth referrals would be an understatement. I depend on them. I am so greatful to all of my clients who spread the enthusiasm they feel for their session, to those that they come in contact with. To say “thank you” I have picked out some amazing new products that will be my gift to you for any referrals sent my way…

referal ad copy

I know, I know, I am WAY behind on posting this! Apologies! I had a third party judge deliberate over all the entries, and this little guy’s laughter made HIM laugh out loud…


The theme for June is going to be “Summer.” Capture your best Summer moment and email it to photoriousphotocontest@gmail.com

Entires will be accepted through June 30th at 12pm. The winner will receive a $25 visa gift card and a feature on the blog. Good luck!

I had an awesome shoot today with Melody, and I just wanted to share a few. Gorgeous is an understatement.

Melody 307

Melody 388

Melody 379

Check back later for more of Melody.

Another momento of Iowa for you. It was great to meet this adorable little family. Mom is a Des Moines area photographer. It is always hugely flattering when another photog asks you to be their photog!

Iowa Mini Sessions 336

Iowa Mini Sessions 308

Iowa Mini Sessions 362


All my loyal blog stalkers followers are probably pretty chummy with Ann by now.  Well, she’s came up from LA for a third time, and this time she brought a friend…

Ann Maternity 098

Ann Maternity 143

Ann Maternity 173

Ann Maternity 289

Ann Maternity 302

Ann Maternity 314

Ann Maternity 346

Ann Maternity 366

I didn’t want to scared anyone by showing skin on the blog, so the entire gallery with more intimate bare belly is here

Smiley baby Sully, it was a pleasure to meet you during my short stay in Iowa. You are so handsome and distinguished. I am sorry I scared you with my silly talk and made you cry. Hopefully you will forgive me!

Iowa Mini Sessions 140

Iowa Mini Sessions 149

Iowa Mini Sessions 162

Iowa Mini Sessions 167

SUCH A FUN SHOOT! Brandy and Ryan were so great to work with…so fun and comfortable with each other. They totally ROCKED this creative concept. I seriously cannot wait for their wedding! Enjoy the eyecandy!

Brandy and Ryan 007

Brandy and Ryan 060

Brandy and Ryan 115

Brandy and Ryan 130

Brandy and Ryan 149

Brandy and Ryan 154

Brandy and Ryan 225

Brandy and Ryan 244

Brandy and Ryan 321

Brandy and Ryan 375

Brandy and Ryan 399

Brandy and Ryan 536

Brandy and Ryan 543

Brandy and Ryan 616

Brandy and Ryan 637

Meet the Morrisons; Mom, Dad, and little 7 month old Harper. Could I be drooling anymore over this cute, happy family?!? The clothing choices/colors, the location colors, the golden evening sunglow, all ingredients that helped knock this session out of the park! Mom did an awesome job coordinating the look, and it just so happened to match perfectly with the location I had in mind. Harper is utterly gorgeous, just look at those eyes and long lashes. I think I will title this session, “Bright Sunshiney Day.”

Warning: LONG post with an extra side of squishable-ness

Harper 082

Harper 099

Harper 045

Harper 160

Harper 164

Harper 178

Harper 182

Harper 191

Harper 194

Harper 198

Harper 206

Harper 272

I loved this energetic, sweet little family! We had a blast running all over downtown Tacoma. Dad had been away for a few months, training for a new job, and returned only shortly before our session. To say that his kids were “excited” to see him would be an understatement. I think their happiness really comes through in these images. Such a perfect time for this session!



anne and joel engagement 424


anne and joel engagement 380

^This one made my day.